Shout Out To The OGs

Obviously I’m not the first person to start a personal finance site so I’d like to give a shoutout to my Mt. Rushmore of personal finance enthusiasts. A lot of my personal finance beliefs are based on their experience and teachings so I highly recommend checking out their sites and podcasts!

1. Paula Pant – Afford Anything

Paula is one of the most analytical and sensible people when discussing finance. She  has a no non-sense approach to money and has a keen eye for ways to increase free cash flow. By spending frugally and saving aggressively, she has built a mini-empire of residential rental properties and is the model for retiring early while still increasing income. She is my go-to for any rental real estate investing topics.

Bonus: if you love to travel the world, Paula can show you how to do it on the cheap!

If you’re single or in a relationship with no children and live frugally, her strategies are very applicable. However, I have found that her approach can be difficult for everyday folks or those with families.

2. J. Money – Budgets are $exy

J. Money is a full time blogger who tracks his net worth publicly (~$850k now). He utilizes simple, everyday strategies that anyone can leverage to save and invest money! Plus, he does this all with a wife and kids, showing that real life is no excuse to not grow financially! I love that he keeps things real and speaks about money in a way anyone can understand!

3. Brandon – Mad Fientist

Brandon is the envy of many FIRE (financial independence – retire early) chasers and rightfully so! He used to hold a regular desk job but by earning a good income, saving/investing diligently and optimizing his tax situation, he retired in his 30s! I love that he discovered some financial “hacks” and puts them on his site for the rest of us to follow!

That’s it, my Mt. Rushmore of personal finance enthusiasts! I’d love to hear about anyone that you follow or that has influenced your personal finances!