Who Am I And Why Am I Blogging?

I know… ANOTHER blogger and ANOTHER random person that thinks they know about money.


Who Am I?

I’m your average 26 year old with a boring desk job, recently married to an amazing wife, and have an energetic doggo.

Why Am I Starting This Blog?

I’ve decided to start this blog for 3 main reasons:

1. I love to write

2. I love to learn about growing wealth

3. I want to hold myself accountable and motivated on my financial journey. If anyone finds what I post useful, it’s an added bonus!

What Do I Know About Personal Finance?

Honestly, not a ton! I’m only 26 for crying out loud, I can’t claim to have any of this figured out yet. I think us millennials are all in the same boat; trying to make ends meet, get ahead, and live the good life. We just need some help making it happen!

SO, my goal is to do the hard work, find the strategies and tools that are supposed to set us financially free, put them into practice and give you my findings (the good AND the bad).

So, if you’re interested in kicking your personal finances into high-gear, follow my posts and send me any questions or encouragement as we crush this finance stuff together!


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