The Steps To Retirement and Financial Freedom

Planning for retirment is important, right?

It sets us up for that time in the future when we leave the 9-5 grind once and for all and enjoy the good life!

But not many of us take the time to actually make a plan, let alone take the steps necessary to put that plan into action.

The outcome? We end up working well into our 60s and risk never experiencing the financial freedom we deserve…

How sad would that be!

By establishing a solid financial foundation and taking a few simple steps, reaching retirement and financial freedom doesn’t have to be a complicated journey!

Below are the steps, financial vehicles, and baseline goals that the wide majority of us can utilize to ensure our financial future!If the above table is all you need to get on your way to a better financial future, awesome!

If you have questions or want more information on the individual steps or vehicles, also awesome! I’ll be publishing a series of posts detailing each step, so stay tuned!

If you don’t care about your financial future, that’s cool too! But not really…


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